More record breaking as temperatures climb into the 70s

Enjoy this weekend’s warmth and don’t forget to “Spring Forward!”

We could be looking at another day for the record book with high temperatures expected to climb into the 70’s this afternoon.

In Central Park, today’s record high is 74 degrees, set back in 2006 so we will be close to it this afternoon with a forecasted max of 76 degrees.

Today we will continue to see an increase in cloud coverage as a frontal system approaches bringing the chance of some rain mostly at night and into early Friday morning. 

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Behind the front, slightly cooler air will drop in resulting in lower daytime highs on Friday with temperatures remaining in the 60’s. 

But before you start complaining that the heat is gone, remember the normal temperature for this time of year is in the upper 40’s. So enjoy this weekend’s warmth and don’t forget to “Spring Forward!”

High: 76, Clouds will increase throughout the afternoon with rain moving through late at night into early tomorrow morning.

High: 64, Rain ends early, sun returns, slightly cooler yet still above average temperatures

High: 64, Mostly Sunny

High: 61, Mostly cloudy, chance of rain

High: 54, Cloudy and rainy

Enjoy the weather!